The Daily Batman Will Return

The Daily Batman Will ReturnFor the three of you who follow this site, yes I’ve started and stopped it multiple times.  And here’s me doing it again.

The idea is to read one Batman-story a day, and then post a panel symbolizing my accomplishment.  Sounds easy, but then I skip a day, so I’d better read two tomorrow. Except I don’t read two tomorrow either, and then suddenly, between family, work, enthusiasm (I love old comic stories but sometimes it’s hard to find the mood), and even downright laziness, I’ve fallen behind by too much to feasibly catch up to.

So I’m taking a(nother) pause until I can figure out how to achieve momentum and zen.  Stay subscribed, postings will return.

While you wait, if you’re looking for a daily fix, there’s always The Daily Superman, who’s owner seems to have figured it out.